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Live in the Ocala, Florida area? Looking for an AMAZING massage?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Face it, it’s hard finding a good massage therapist in Ocala. But we have great news!

If you do a search on Google, you’ll find tons of massage therapists . . . but in our experience, there’s one who trumps them all.

Sara Dobrzykowski. MA 68879 


Sara is not only remarkable in her skills, but she graduated from the renowned Florida School of Massage several years ago, so she’s up-to-date on all of the latest massage research and techniques.

Unlike so many other massage therapists who have been in the business for many, many years, Sara is not bored nor tired of the practice. It’s fresh and new for her. It’s her passion! And her performance shows it.

One of the testimonials to her expertise is that she didn’t even create this site or ask for it.

Those of us who have used her were so excited to finally find a superb massage therapist in Ocala, we put this site together to let others know about her.

When we told Sara know about this site, she was so excited that she is giving a tremendous discount for all clients to test-drive her skills for the first time.


Here are some testimonials from Sara’s clients:

“I’ve been to almost every massage therapist in Ocala and Sara trumps them all. She’s not only professional and personable, but she gives the best massage I’ve ever had.”

“Once again, Sara saves my body! Coming off of a car accident and since the insurance doesn’t allow for massage, Sara is working on the pain successfully. Call her!”

“5 stars. I want a do-over!”

Limited-Time Discount

Set up an appointment with Sara, and you’ll get your first massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue) for only $45.

The going rate for a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage is $60.

Note: You must tell her you found her from this site.

Sara Dobrzykowski

Schedule an appointment by calling Sara at (407) 285-7834

The highest ethical standards are maintained!


If you have any of the following problems, you need to try Sara out for a massage:

* stress

* headaches

* stiffness

* back aches

* sore muscles

* injuries

* or you just need to relax . . . .

We’re setting up this page to not only let you know about her services, but to also provide regular tips on massage — why they are important, why you may need one to alleviate problems in your body, the different kinds of massages, what to do before and after a massage, and much more.


This site will contain valuable information that’s completely free plus testimonials from clients of our favorite massage therapist.

If you have used Sara before and you want your testimonial added here, just add it in the comments below.

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Massage in Ocala

This site is now on the first page of Google under a search for “Massage in Ocala.”

So are you looking for a massage in Ocala? Are you looking for a great massage therapist in Ocala?

Well you’ve found the right place!

Sara Dobrzykowski provides massage treatments that are totally awesome – every time. To that end, the techniques and tools she uses differ from session to session. Her fees are based on treatment times, not techniques, so you can rest assured  your treatment will always be exactly what you are looking for.


But Sara is running a special discount for all first time clients! And there’s no obligation to see her again if you aren’t satisfied. But we are quite certain you will love her services.

Just go to Best Massage in Ocala and book an appointment with Sara and print out the coupon so you can get the big discount.

Sara’s goal is to provide the best and most complete care possible and to deliver it professionally and affordably. She has a passion for helping people live with the best quality of life possible.

Sara believes that she can help your body heal itself. So don’t wait. Be pampered by her amazing touch.

What makes Sara unique to Ocala massage is that (1) she’s young and excited about her craft. Many massage therapists are bored with the service because they’ve been doing it for so very long, and it shows (2) she listens to directions. If you tell her what you want, she delivers. Many massage therapists don’t follow directions very well. Sara is the exception. (3) She’s nice and friendly. Many massage therapists aren’t the friendliest people in the world.


Here Are Just Some Benefits of Sara’s Massage Therapy in Ocala

  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Lowers blood pressure naturally
  • Increases Circulation
  • Fibromyalgia relief
  • Counteracts stress and pain from scoliosis
  • Helps break up scar tissue and adheasions after surgery adn/or injury
  • Flushes metabolic waste, such as lactic acid, from muscle tissue
  • Reduces side effects from cancer treatments
  • Enhances Immunity
  • Improves posture
  • Women suffering from pms have decreased water retention and cramping
  • Migrane and Tension headache relief
  • Expectant women experiance easier and shorter labors
  • improves alertness and performance in office workers

But there’s so much more. Take a look around this site and you’ll see articles related to massage therapy.

Remember, Sara is the best massage therapist in Ocala. She didn’t put this page together. Her fans did!

Testimonials from clients are found on the home page.

Don’t wait. Click her to receive the totally awesome, pampered touch of Sara’s massage in Ocala with your a limited-time discount.

Best Massage in Ocala – Prices & Deals

As you now, the best massage therapist in Ocala – Sara Dobrzykowski – is giving first-time customers a 1-hour massage for only $45.


Here are Sara’s REGULAR prices:

$35 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

$90 for 90 minutes

Ask her about bulk specials too. And gift certificates are available as well. Again, for a limited-time, she’s running a special where you get a full hour massage for only $45!  But you have to use the coupon on this site. Make your appointment with Sara today!

How Massage Helps Pharmacists, Servers, and Bartenders

If you are someone who is on your feet a lot, you need a massage.



Waiters and Waitresses.



When you are on your feet for long periods of time, lactic acid builds up on your shoulders, feet, and joints.

This causes your body to be out of balance. It can cause soar feet. It can cause neck problems and headaches.


Massage helps pharmacists, servers, and those who tend bar in the following ways:

1. It breaks up the lactic acid in the body and flushes it out.

2. It loosens the muscles.

3. It relieves aches and pains.

4. It makes the body relax and feel rejuvenated.

5. It increase blood circulation which creates more energy.

If you live in Ocala and you are a server or pharmacist or anyone else who stands on their feet for hours, you can get a massage at a great discount for a limited-time by the best massage therapist in Ocala, Florida, Sara Dobrzykowski, LMT.


Click here to go to our home page, make an appointment with Sarah and get your discount!

Do You Need a Massage? Read This & Find Out

Sara Dobrzykowski is an amazing massage therapist in Ocala, Florida.


If you live in Ocala, and want a great massage, check out Sara. Your first visit is deeply discounted.

If you’ve never had a massage before, here are the top benefits of having one.

  • It just feels great
  • It helps relieve pain
  • It relieves stress
  • It lowers blood pressure
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It helps reduce depression
  • It helps keep colds away
  • After a workout, massage can help you heal faster so you can workout sooner
  • A Swedish massage can help increase blood flow, oxygen flow, and send nutrients to all parts of the body
  • It relieves headaches
  • It cleans out the muscles by releasing toxins and wastes from your muscles after massage that have been built up over time.

Set up an appointment with Sarah today!

Call her at (407) 285-7834 and set up an appointment.

She’s located in Ocala. Call for location.